Friday, March 20, 2009

last-minute plarning.

we have all agreed that plarn is an uncomely word that makes us all unhappy. that said, i sure do like saying it around shannon and watching her wince. this is because i am mean. plarn, by the way, is the term we found online for yarn made of plastic bags.

the little group of us (working under the calm leadership of angelune), got together last night in a last-minute meet-up before the plastic bag coral reef goes into the knit cafe window on sunday evening. it's quite the cram, but it's also exciting to get peeks at the work of others.

i also, discovered a few interesting plastic bag messages while shredding them up.

#1) a warning to all chickens:

#2) the ridiculous ideas of what ecology is to the brilliant marketing minds of target (mentioned previously here):

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