Saturday, March 21, 2009

night and day.

the ender bros. at pop with brains

last night and today were spent at two smaller toronto outlets for craft and art.

first off, i spent my friday night at the rivoli for pop with brains, a bi-monthly music and art event at the rivoli that exists to spread joy and raise money for camh. this was the twentieth installment (making it a four year venture?) i really like these events. they make me feel more worldly in that i get exposed to good music and actually spent time in public.

then today, i went to a burgeoning crafty/community event at hart house called spring wake-up. even though i have lived in this city for a decade, i was never an institutionalized student here, so u of t feels like a foreign country to me. it even has all the trapping of of the university-state; streets and confusing signage. that said, hart house was a really amazing place to spend a day. the facilities were beautiful, sun poured in all day, and a small snack bar was provided - tea, juice, cookies. if only all craft fairs offered these placations (i should be taking note). it was a slow day for action, but it was nice to kibbitz with other crafters, work on my crochet, watch kids run around and make sock monkeys and check in on the streetknit knitting circle (in the background above).

i also got to come home with some great new soap from ella's botanicals. it's wonderful and cleans up my filthy plastic bag/button hands like a dream.

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