Sunday, March 22, 2009


after putting finishing touches on my plastic bag hyperbolics, i hustled over to theknit cafe for this evening's installation.

maybe some images will speak louder than words. or why not go take a visit?

in order, these pictures are:
1. bay bag mass by yours truly
2. milk bag cups by shannon gerard
3. blanched pods by kalpna patel
4. jelly fish by angelune deslauriers

there is also a chance that this reef will grow before your very eyes during the month it is up. we are also planning a closing party on earth day, april 22. everyone is invited!


tina said...

awwww so pretty!!!! that's some amazing work girls!

ohoh, is that one of my bag up there?? awww… i will have to go take some photos now!!!

leah b said...

whoa! it all looks so amazing. i did cramp my knuckles to make a plastic hyperbolic model but then considered i'd have to ship it over and that's not very in the spirit of earthiness so i'm using it as a pot scrubber...

wish i could see all the coral-ly wonder up close.