Friday, March 27, 2009

one clean corner.

everything in the sweetie pie home/office/studio has been an absolute manic mess for months. this continues to be the case as we make our annual spring attempts to clear out and organize. it's not working that well thus far so i take solace in being able to clear up small corners. currently, the bedside nook (pictured above), is the only area that makes me happy. the rest of the room is heaps of laundry and clothes to be sorted. now, at least, i can turn around and leave it all behind me. thankfully, like all dunces, i am happy to stare into corners.

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H Munro said...

I totally do that too. I currently have a new table cloth and a pretty potted flower on my dining room table but the rest of the place is a disaster! But I can look at that one spot and breathe easy.