Saturday, March 28, 2009

fungal fever.

today aitor is jealous because i managed to grow a mushroom before him (look closely). upon further inspection, i discovered little toad stool in two of my terraria. the picture above is as close as i could come to photographic proof, given my astigmatic ways. but it's exciting to know that spores are lurking around in the moss.

my other covered terrarium seems to be growing a couple of small alders out of the cones i put in. i had visions of huge trees busting out of a post-apocalyptic and abandoned glass jar...but maybe i am getting ahead of myself.

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toronto craft alert said...

oh duh, i didn't see the mushroom the first time i read this post, and then someone mentioned in in the contest comments so i felt compelled to look again. and there it is - the cutest, most delicate mushroom ever. congrats momma becky!