Wednesday, March 18, 2009


today i received two big boxes of shredded canadian currency in the mail (thank you jeannie for giving it to me, and john for sending it to me).

but why would i want such a thing?

a) it's cool.

b) more importantly, it is going to be used in some manner(s) for the next installment of trampoline hall (which i am curating). the theme of the show is money and it will feature an audit of trampoline hall, a lecture by the audience and a near-clairvoyant lesson in things to come. the money shreds will be used for some very special buttons for sure and might also figure into the set that will be done in collaboration with serena marie mccarroll. i'm really excited about the whole thing. april 6. sneaky dee's. be there.

(oh, but i should say that getting tickets should be taken really seriously. somehow, trampoline hall has miraculously sold out every monthly show forever. it amazing.)