Tuesday, March 17, 2009

pteridomania, pt. 2.

a little update on the ferns, mosses and lichen in my life.

this whole project has involved a lot of experimentation and potential failure but i have been learning a lot thus far.

pictured above is a terrarium that began as an open-air moss experiment. well, until summer hits with all its sticky unpleasantness, my apartment is too dry to keep west coast mosses happy, so i scoured the homestead for something to cover it with. magically, this cheese coverer thing (thrifted with the intention of adding it to aitor's cabinet of curiosities) fit perfectly over the lip of the low dish i was using. and i mean perfectly. like they were made to be together. it kind of creeped me out.

since the addition of the cheese cover, all sorts of action has been happening. the ferns got happy, little plants and grasses are popping up, the live sphagnum is softening...i even spied a little mushroom (way too small for my macro-less camera to capture).

spring lives under glass.


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Wonderful! I have some little babies that I'm tending to also. :)