Monday, March 16, 2009

brokeback pontiac.

artwork by tyler brett

it is now time to make some swooping announcements about the show i have planned to raise money for my ailing vehicle.

the show is called brokeback pontaic (thanks to emma's smart brains)

it will happen on friday, april 24th
the doors will open at 6:30pm
the small silent auction will start at 7:00pm and end at 8:00pm
the performance will start at 8:00pm and be all wrapped up by 10:00pm
after that, you can stay and drink at the comedy bar or go have a friday night out in the city.

i have secured a pretty stellar line-up of performers (mostly through guilting people who have borrowed my car). performers include katie crown, sara hennessy, kathleen phillips, levi macdougall, zeesy powers, iron cobra (half of which is me) and more. also, chris locke will host. i you are not familiar with these people, you should just trust me that they are all very good.

we also have silent auction goodies secured from all sorts of places/people/things like worn fashion journal, leah buckareff, claire louise milne & more. a little online preview of the silent auction should be popping up soon. i shall keep the world posted.

and look at the artwork that tyler did for the show. isn't that amazing?

i am pretty excited.

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