Sunday, March 15, 2009

general update.

a) above are some bits of plastic bag yarn for the upcoming window display at the knit cafe the installation date is just being confirmed, but it should go up next week so i am in crunch mode. the corals and creatures being made are pretty exciting (i had some sneak peaks at a recent crafting get-together).

b) as my security envelope collections come back into my possession, the project will have a second dawn around here and replace plastics in my obsessive world of making things.

c) i was recently (and for no reason other than being at the workroom at the right time) interviewed for an article about craft and the economy for the globe and mail. these seem to be questions that i get asked constantly these days. i feel like my answers were a bit gloomy but, to me, the tension between telling the truth and good marketing is akin to the tension between making things and selling handmade. by the way, when i ask tenille (the journalist) what her general beat was, she said 'the economy.' apparently, there is enough to talk about that an entire beat can be formed out of the current economic tumult.

d) all of a sudden, i have booked myself into a ig string of craft and art shows. it must be spring. in order of appearance, they are:
- pop with brains at the rivoli
- spring wake-up and hart house
- telephone city art and craft fair at the ford plant (brantford)
- hunt & gather trunk show at the workroom

e) i am curating the next installment of trampoline hall. it will transpire monday, april 6th and will all centre around the theme of money.

f) i have also put together a show to raise some funds for car repair as i prepare to go on another little tour. the car got pretty hurt over the last six-month tour and needs some fixin'. i started by asking people who had borrowed my car to perform (i am lucky to have a lot of talented friends). the show, aptly named brokeback pontiac by my friend emma, is coming together wonderfully and will include a big show and a small silent auction of art, craft, flotsam, and jetsam. you can bookmark it on facebook now if this sounds appealing.

g) i joined twitter. why? i'm not entirely sure yet. but i'm there.

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Anonymous said...

Great info! Sheesh...there seems to be so much going on in your fair city! My area, on the other hand...well, it's pretty quiet.

The twitter part made me giggle...I've been thinking about it too...and I don't have a clue why! :) But, for now, I have enough going on!