Wednesday, March 11, 2009

stitching + bitching.

photo by karyn at the workroom

i will not lie to you, internet; i have been having a rough go lately. it's not the kind of thing that craft blogs tend to focus on, by life is challenging, long and sometimes difficult.

that's why little things like walking across the neighbourhood to attend a stitch 'n' bitch and make crafts with friends and strangers can seem like such a vital and generous indulgence. i spent yesterday evening at the workroom, one of many toronto homes and establishments that host free craft nights. the knit cafe also hosts a weekly stitch 'n' bitch which i keep planning to attend, if only to brush up on my knitting and see if i can squeeze some assistance out of someone smarter and fix a scarf i have been ruining for a while. streetknit also hosts a weekly stitch 'n' bitch (which has just moved to the green room). with all this free stuff to do out of the house, i don't have much excuse to stay home wallowing in my poverty and other concerns.


karyn said...

i heart you.

leah b said...

when i'm back in town, i'll make sure to have a cupboard full of tea (and booze) and room for you to come over and make stuff whenever you want.

for now, i'm reallly missing the workroom.

Rose Ann said...

I will have to investigate my local stitch shop to see about getting about for something like a "stitch n bitch" I ♥ the sound of it free and getting out of the house!!