Wednesday, February 4, 2009

late night screen prints.

i spent last evening happily finishing off the city of craft print run with the always lovely shannon. she hates when i take pictures of her but i thought that one up there was funny. it's not really funny - she had ripped part of her lip off with some packing tape. okay, that's a little funny. but it really bled a lot. see? crafts are risky business. i can't even count how many metal shavings i have pulled out of my fingers from the buttons. tough stuff.

we hammered out the rest of the shirts which will be available this sunday at the love and rummage trunk show (their real world debut) as well as the shiny new city of craft etsy shop.

if you have any particular shirt size requests, feel free to let me know. i can't pormise we will be able to fulfill all wishes know...knowledge is power.


toronto craft alert said...

oh now that i hear there was craft injury i feel kind of left out. you know, that i haven't toiled enough with the team. how do you feel about the new yellow?

sweetie pie press said...

heh heh. i decided to go with white.

it's a story.

leah b said...

hey! i recognize some of shannonš t-shirts of yore under that čity of craft' print! i still have mine where i confess my love for bruce mccullough (i had to fill in that part).

also, i feel far away and uncontributive - judging by the strange characters it seems i'm in riga, latvia.