Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i made slippers.

look at these.

they are the result of last night's wool slipper class at the workroom as taught by one miss reva quam.

i was very excited to...

a) finally have slippers again
b) conquer my fear of sewing machines and irons with computers in them (well, kind of conquer)
c) finish something that was just for fun

the class was nice and easy, even for a rusty sewer like me and reva is a very clear and patient teacher. three hours = two new slippers. what a splendid way to spend a monday evening.

these ones were made out of an old cut-up blanket that was at the workroom, and are not quite felty enough (ie. they are fraying and shouldn't be). i might try another pair out of something more felty, but these will offer me a good opportunity to play with some embroidered edging if they keep unraveling.


karyn said...

i was hoping to see some slipper photos. even though it's not so felty, i love the graphic lines on them. yeah!

Church of Craft Athens said...

Those are as good as your clear shoes!

sweetie pie press said...

karyn - love them, too. they look a little like ice cream and a little like sail boat sails. i just hope they don't entirely unravel.

missy - i should wear these under my clear shoes. what a coup!

shannongerard said...

as scott would say, "this is a major coup for sweetness"

you have CLEAR shoes? like jellies?

sweetie pie press said...

it seems i have to take pictures of my clear shoes.