Thursday, February 5, 2009

famous day!

star article

karyn and i were interviewed about the love and rummage trunk show for the toronto star and it came out today. i have to say, i don't know those quotes about domesticity should really be attributed to me (i think it was karyn), but i don't disagree.

also, look what i found on the very opposite page (aitor says i make that face a lot, but i have never seen it before):

family circus incredulity

the caption reads:
"We don't put prices on our drawings, Billy."
how is billy supposed to pay his rent?

speaking of putting prices on things, i will be spending this evening at the ontario crafts council gallery for the opening reception of diwhy? the security envelope installation that i have in the show is the most expensive thing i have ever offered up into the world (which is not saying very much). i feel for billy's awkward situation. it is hard to attribute value to one's art. for my part, i based my pricing mostly on math (since i have a pricing basis for the buttons to begin with). but had i arrived at a less articulate sum, i would be thankful to any curator who didn't scold me. i wonder if billy even knows the woman shaming him.


Justin Miller said...

Congrats on the newspaper article. Always great to get that kind of attention for our craft and for you business.

Anonymous said...

Awesome article! I'm linking to my blog, along with a pic of your security buttons. (Hope that's okay!)

Re: Family Circus - that's ridiculous! I can't believe that comic is still published as it is so far removed from reality. Well, my reality anyway.

Rosemoo said...


I wanted you to know I found a new way to use my extra security envelopes that I know will be redundant for you!

Here's a link.