Sunday, February 8, 2009

love and rummage trunk show, after the fact.

love and rummage trunk show
heart garland by girl number twenty

another february, another crazy trunk show at the workroom. this time, we got a massive amount of press. big thanks go to the toronto star (and tabassum), toronto life, cbc metro morning, the national post and all the blogs that hyped the show up. it was non-stop for the first couple of hours with ravenous rummage-hunters scooping up all kinds of deals on fabric, paper, trim, yarn & other crafty surplus. as per usual, i wished i had more time to look around. it made me extra thankful for my mother's assistance at the big december city of craft show. i might seek out a helper for the first hour or so of the next trunk show (which is already percolating in the group mind of me and karyn). i was also kind of hit-and-miss when it came to photographing everyone's display. amid all the photographers present, i think we catalogued just about everything, though - especially marnie's daughter who was very good at entertaining herself for the entire five hours of the show (okay, with some help from her dad).

here's a sampling:

more stuff should begin pooling up here as everyone recovers and starts to go through their pictures.

although i missed a lot of key rummaging, i did end up going home with one of margie's coveted covered stones and two choice pieces of fabric from jen's stash. all in all, a totally satisfying haul. it was also really satisfying to send so many of the vintage things i have been clinging to into new, loving homes. i hope to do even more getting-rid-of next time around. but i always hope to do more next time.

photo by the workroom

the end.

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Oh man! I wish I could attend! :)