Saturday, January 3, 2009

tiny scraps of security.

the above little tiny scraps came to me from our friend melissa in brooklyn. loyal blog readers among you may remember that she is a bona fide friend who came to us first as one of aitor's unflattering portrait subjects.

i figured out where these tiny paper pieces were from even before aitor read the explanatory part of melissa's letter out - these tiny scraps were removed from some cancelled stamps melissa had acquired for presumably decorative purposes. she says that some of the patterns must date back to the 1960's at least.

the only thing is that these scraps are so small that some of them will only yield one button. up until now i have been able to keep two full collection of every pattern - one for my own sorting/archival purposes and one for another purpose that i am about ready to reveal. but at this point, the two collections will diverge. any pattern that only yeilds enough material for one button will have to end up in the master collection which is a shame because these patterns are pretty cool and worth allowing out into the world.

i would also like to relay a story that melissa sent me in a previous letter:

so, i saw a security envelope at the church ave train station. i picked it up for you (but it was lame - a company's name) and inside was a check someone had dropped! i mailed it off, but never would have picked it up if not for you, ms. becky johnson!
see, the sweetie pie press makes better citizens. i knew it.


Jill said...

Will you take a color copy or a scan so at least there is a replica?

sweetie pie press said...


you caught me just in the nick of time. of course i should scan them.

i thought it might be enough to have them all in button form. but the truth is, the papers all need to be scanned to.

and it begins...

Rosemoo said...

To quote my friend Boodely, clearly collecting security envelopes is a 'gateway craft'. (Boodely was referring to spinning when she first mentioned this term). But it's a gateway craft because it just keeps leading to more and more crafts.

First you collect the envelopes.

Then you have to clean them and open them up.

Then you have to make a 'master button', and a sample piece probably just for reference.

Then you find you need to scan every pattern.

Somewhere in there you created a filing system for them.

Now you'll want to create a system in flickr or something for scans of them. Probably one large and one zoom in.

Soon you'll be mad, mad I tell you!

Of course, I think it's all really awesome. But you should watch out. It could possess you for years or something!

Gateway craft.