Friday, January 2, 2009

cooped up.

i've hardly left the house for days, i have been so busy.

among other things, i made this small (poorly photographed) custom order for isabel gertler. isabel is opening a show at the struts gallery in sackville, new brunswick, next weekend which is where these buttons will be handed out. although i couldn't find a lot online, her exhibit was described to me as a collection of embroidered hankies displayed on a line. art meets craft? sounds like my scene.

i very much enjoyed making these guys. simple design on a button always makes me happy. and birds. what's up with birds? it feels like a lot of bird buttons pass through my hands. they figured into the order for the toronto outdoor art exhibition, the design for theatre revolve, and of course some designs of my own. i even have a special ornithological announcement to make tomorrow (but i will leave that until later).

in this world of craft and design, people tend to tire of trends quickly, but birds seem to go beyond trend. images of birds (and other animals) were painted on cave walls. birds figure quite prominently into textile and wallpaper designs from many cultures and eras. so what gives? are we jealous or just beguiled?

regardless, i wish isabel a great opening. here's hoping your clothes line is not appropriated by starlings.

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Anonymous said...

Love the buttons and can't wait to get one at Isabel's opening.
Her work is fantastic and she is beautiful inside and out.