Sunday, January 4, 2009

free range.

it's coming later than expected but the sweetie pie press' newest commissioned artist set has been uncaged and released (i told you my new announcement had to do with birds).

this newest set, cheekily entitled duck duck goose, came into the sweetie pie collection from the clever hand of providence, rhode island, illustrator/artist/screen printer, alec thibodeau. aside from being an exceptionally skilled draftsman, alec is also a great collaborator (creating art with/for deb dormody, tiny showcase, if'n books + marks and more), and the brains behind noney - the people's currency. not a lot of people can say they print their own money...or maybe those who do don't volunteer the information.

for this set, mr. thibodeau dove deep into his naturalist concerns to pen five placid ducks and one surly goose to really hammer home the realities of a childhood game. these little friends make great decoys and are far better than wearing as actual duck or goose on one's bag or lapel. they may not attract other ducks, but they will almost certainly attract the admiration of your peers. and that's why we acquire things, right?

available at both the blue house and my etsy shop.


Rosemoo said...

So how does it work when other artists contribute to your button world? Do they commission you or do you commission them? Do you just do it informally or do you have a form or something they fill out for you? Just curious. You seem to have a lot of series.

sweetie pie press said...

i am usually usually the one to approach the artists i work with. i then negotiate with them (and discuss themes) and then create a production schedule (that i always manage to mess up).

i am currently talking to a few new folks but obviously can not drop names until agreements are reached.

Rosemoo said...

Cool! Somehow I like that better than people approaching you to do work.

Feels even more special when you get to pick what's on your buttons all the time!