Monday, January 5, 2009

it's real (or d.i.y. and praise for tara bursey)

okay, world, it has come time to announce the big thing that i have been collecting all these envelopes for (or, maybe, the first big thing of many big things).

the calls have been made, the contracts have been signed and i can now tell you all that i will be participating in my first group show, being held at the ontario crafts council.

entitled diwhy (visual pun), the show is a coproduction between the occ and the toronto craft alert. it also marks the council's first nod towards indie craft and the diy movement, which i find very exciting. i am sure this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

my contribution will be a grid of 289 individual 1" buttons displaying unique patterns (many sent in by you blog readers) installed directly into the wall with 289 nails and 289 magnets. it will be pretty.

but let's get down to the more important business of heaping praise on megasweetie, tara bursey. why? well, aside from being an incredible artist in her own right, tara has stepped up to help me install the entire thing (no small feat) while i am out on the west coast tending to some tender family affairs. miss bursey has done much to bolster my faith in humanity in what has been an otherwise shaky moment in my life. above and beyond. really. because she is a constant font of creative output, tara also currently has a call out for the punk project. if you are punky and live in/around toronto, tara wants to talk to you. and you should talk to her. she's an absolute treat. i would personally take just about an excuse to have a chat with tara. i could go on...

diwhy runs from january 20th through march 1st at the occ gallery in the heart of the queen west gallery district (990 queen west) with the opening reception on thursday, february 5th. you should come. i happen to know one other favorite person who happens to be in the show, too. it's all quite exciting. if i weren't running away to vancouver on wednesday to deal with other things i would be even more excited.


Viki said...

Congrats that is so Cool!

BTW I just got a blue Houndstooth tweed in the mail yesterday.

and Best Wishes on the Family thing.

leah b said...

oh it sucks so bad to miss this show with you're button wall. just picturing it in my head overwhelms me.

be well out there in the west.

sweetie pie press said...

thank you both so much.

well wishes and congratulations are both greedily absorbed these days.

Anonymous said...

awesome and congrats! (even though aitor sorta spilled the beans to me already.)

and i'm thinking of you ... xoxo

shannongerard said...

hey reciprocal favourite personage! many thoughts and much love from me accompany you out west

Tara Bursey said...

WHOA BECKY. This post is so flattering...I feel so unworthy, now that I'm not helping you install after all!!!

Best of luck out west. We'll toast your obsessive-compulsive disorder and it's glorious product at the di-why? reception!



Qi said...

congrats! i was wondering if you'd still like any envelopes?

Unknown said...

hey becky - congrats! the show looks great. will have to catch the opening reception. good luck out west.