Tuesday, January 6, 2009

turning japanese.

...i know, i know. it's a rude song. i am just running out of clever entry titles.

pictured above is a new batch of buttons made from the impressive collection of chiogami papers at the paper place in toronto. because i always feel less proprietorial about buttons made from such found materials (except, oddly, the security envelopes which are an exceptionally ubiquitous material), i am usually happy to share my sources. you should totally buy papers from the paper place. i'm sure i have said that enough here. but they truly are outstanding at what they do and are staffed by some of the most knowledgeable and pleasant people going. their new online shop has also opened their stuff up to a far wider audience than before. trust me, the quality is great. okay, i am starting to feel like a shill so i will move on.

this little batch here was mostly made to restock shana logic after the holidays. shana's shop was one of my first online retailers and we have watched one another's business grow together over the years. well, things seem to be absolutely exploding over at shana logic, and it's well deserved. she was hyping handmade before many others and (to play on the saying) probably help to build the bandwagon. shana's interesting eye for techy, kawaii, asian-inspired, cute and useful handmade items really sets her apart aesthetically. she also carries a bunch of my other button sets including both of missy kulik's artist sets, my new toofs set, japanese lacquer paper, and all other manner of smudge, dot, and patterns.

if you are looking for any of these things in a bricks and mortar shop near you, why not call you local retailer? get out of the house. you can't stay in all winter.

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