Thursday, January 22, 2009

it's not like i'm done, or anything.

just because the security envelope project is currently experiencing its first public outing, does not mean the project has reached an end point. far from it. in fact, i am still receiving contributions from a few stragglers (no derision intended, the time off has been much appreciated).

above are some highlights from joanne, who is my first south african contributor. as hoped, south africa offered me all sorts of new and exotic patterns. those thirteen above are all new for sure. the two at the far right are very exciting, indeed, as the gray one features a very very subtle grid pattern (which is hard to see in photographs) and the blue one has a very large repeat on it.

oh, and here is a picture joanne sent earlier to entice my senses:

yes, yes. there is still much security to explore. and i am steadily scanning patterns in preparation for collection phase two (the quickening). in phase two i will be rewarding folks for finding new patterns only. this will both make the project more like a treasure hunt and hopefully keep me from going broke and having to live in a hole (from which blogging would become impaired).

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