Wednesday, January 21, 2009

gifts from afar.

hey, look what i got from my friend missy and raoul at racho cocoa in athens, georgia. actually, that is just a sampling on the generous care package missy put together for me. there are postcards, missy's note pads, foreign candies, never-ending eight-hour shift zines (who wrote that?), a wooden tofu baby pendant, a triangular pouch and (our shared loved) a squished penny! the cup of tea was not in the package, but i'm sure if missy could find a way it would have been. there was also a vintage shirt (now in the wash) and a pile of security envelopes.

this package was waiting for me when i got back from vancouver and so was another surprise package from our little leah in berlin.

apparently the flea markets there are pretty amazing. i wish i could teleport to germany and spend a week wandering around with leah. she also included some brilliantly creepy glass jars with the names of chemical compounds taped to them (just our style around here) and a metal pin of a local folk hero. leah will have to explain the latter further, as history confuses me. i really love the washe bag, by the way and am just thinking about how to properly display/use it.

even though i currently feel overwhelmed with stuff, i was so nice to come home to care package from some far reaches and favorite people. thank you guys. what's in toronto that you babes want? all dressed chips? kit kat bars? codeine?

actually, i can't remember what chocolate bars are specific to canada. coffee crisp? who knows? but i remember those ones with puffed rice in them being strictly american.


Church of Craft Athens said...

Ja gut, du bist wunderbar!

I love the German stuff!

I used to only be able to find Aero bars in Canada and Kinder Eggs, but now we get das Kinder in Helen, GA!

Glad you like the goodies, and you know I made us some tea this evening and I thought "I should have sent Becky some tea!" Really!


The Never-Ending 8-Hour Shift is my fault...

-R A O U L

sweetie pie press said...

i also discovered after posting this that those were totally not candies.

Anonymous said...

Catsup made with actual sugar: Canada's finest export. Either that or barenaked ladies (not the band).

sweetie pie press said...

i almost mentioned the ketchup, the uniqueness of which i was not enlightened to until my friends from detroit pointed it out.

speaking of which, we may be passing through in may, if you need some more.

leah b said...

yay! i hope the laundry bag and other tidbits are helpful in some way or other. there are still more flea markets to check out, but i've held out comparing it to sunday mornings at st. lawrence market - except for the fact that you could furnish an entire house for less than ikea with super beautiful stuff.

i'm also sending stuff away in lieu of collecting, myself. my current nomadic ways prevent accumulation. but! i finally thought of something that people can send me here: neocitron! when insomnia kicks in during some nights here - the coldest on record for like 15 years, it's a good alternative to getting drunk. also, for when we're sick.

sweetie pie press said...

you've got it, buckareff.

assuming there isn't anything illegal in those packets, they will be in your growing care package.