Thursday, January 22, 2009

of cats and yarn.

...if you make it into yarn, will your cat be convinced?

in the case of my cat, the results are misleading. she has always had a disconcerting penchant for plastic bags and generally (with a few wild exceptions) stays away from my exposed yarn stash.

so why am i making yarn from plastic bags? well, my friend angelune is planning an earth day project to be displayed in the window of the knit cafe this spring and it involves both hyperbolic crochet and trashy materials...just my style. although i find it to be a very unpleasant material to crochet with, this is a pretty interesting 'fibre' to work. the end product certainly has a unique tenacity about it. if you are interested in trying it out yourself, angelune forwarded us this tutorial to use as a yarn-making guide. helle jorgensen's entire blog is worth poking around on, too. she has really taken work with crochet and plastic bags to a few new levels.


Church of Craft Athens said...

Nilla loves cardboard. Maybe I can make some cardboard yarn?

Marnie said...

that's so weird - a week ago i started hyperbolic crochet with my plastic yarn, too - dude, we are on the same hyperbolic wavelength! (what would that look like?) i'm trying to make kitchen scrubbies, but as you say, it is very unpleasant material to work with. that, combined with my distaste for washing dishes, and this project might never get finished...

sweetie pie press said...


a) it would look unfathomable.

b) maybe i should put your name forward to angelune as a crocheting minion. if you felt like making any more unpleasant things, that is.

c) on a related note, we are planning a 'plastic yarn ball' wherein we all get together and make plastic yarn. as you well know, a four year old could do it. maybe you and yours would like to come.

Marnie said...

a) true, but what does unfathomable look like? (that's just smart-ass, isn't it...i'll stop now)

b) yes, please

c) yes, please


sweetie pie press said...

well, doesn't that tie itself up with a bow on top, then?

speaking of yarns, i just found a bunch of that sweater-seam yarn you made me. i am hungry for more, if you accumulate some. it is going to take a lot of it to make a rug - even a cat-sized rug.