Thursday, January 29, 2009

happenings far away (that i have a light involvement in).

trampoline hall pie by margaux williamson

A few things have been piling up in my inbox and mind - things to which i have vague allegiances or have subtle involvements in, but all things happening outside of toronto that i will not be able to attend.

firstly, i am busily hammering out buttons for the vancouver installment (premiere?) of the trampoline hall lectures. misha is flying out there to do a one-night-only presentation of the show, curated by veda hillie, as part of the push festival. my old frined johnny b will be manning the merch table, with buttons made especially for the event and trampoline hall's ubiquitous comic book zine. go say hi! the information is kind of hidden on the push website, so i recommend checking out the facebook event for details.

little mountain crest by ehren salazar

on february 13, avncouver's little mountain studios will be putting on their first off-site event with a night of the hidden agenda variety show at the waterfront theatre. my involvement in the birth of hidden agenda is so convoluted that i won't even go into it. but i can say that i have looked over the line-up and it seems pretty awesome. in my opinion, you should never miss a chance to see ehren salazar do anything. the creaking planks (who i just saw perform on my last visit to vancouver) are also a sight to behold. and the waterfront is such a lovely venue. it's one of my favorites in vancouver.

berner/wiseman poster by tyler brett

and finally, coming up in march, is an amazing little show in bruno, saskatchewan, that i am allowed to claim some kind of involvement in. i didn't really do anything to make this show happen, but did serve as the connective tissue between bob and the good folks at all citizens. aside from looking like it will be an amazing show, this event also gets to serve the added purpose of fulfilling mr. wiseman's lifelong dream of performing in bruno. although i do not know mr. berner (or i don't think i do), i have long been a fan of his music and have even read his book on accordion playing which is very funny and will make you a genius.

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