Wednesday, January 28, 2009

city of craft snowstorm t-shirt party.

i already used the best camus humour i could muster on the city of craft blog so i am not exactly sure what existentialist sales pitch is left for me and these shirts. i was hoping to convince the world that our new merch could protect a body from frostbite and hypothermia...or feelings of disillusionment. what do i need to say to convince you of that? or will these pictures work?

with the snow mageddoning down again today, i decided it was high time to drag my life partner out into the fray to take some pictures of these brand spanking new tees, fresh off shannon gerard's able squeegee. the image comes to us courtesy of caitlyn murphy, up-and-coming illustrator to the stars, who orginally made the design for our 2008 city of craft show programs. we decided it was lovely enough to merit a slightly less ephemeral now you can wear it on your chest! you will also be able to wear it under your arm, but i don't have pictures of the new tote bags yet. they look pretty swank, though (hemp and cotton blends have really grown up).

these will be making their real world debuts at the love and rummage trunk show in a week and a bit, so you can ogle and molest them there. there is some chatter that city of craft may also be launching a humble etsy shop, too. well, i made one. now we just need to sort out the logistics of filling it with goodies. out of curiosity, would anyone here be interested in such a thing?

thanks to caitlyn, shan and aitor for being so helpful with this project. hopefully this will keep all of toronto stylish and crafty at the same time. unless life is meaningless, that is.


karyn said...

lol. people are now likely to buy these shirts to stop you from parading out in the winter cold... and also because the illustration is so amazing.

Anonymous said...

Well, perhaps life is meaningless. But in the meantime, good shirts are always nice.

toronto craft alert said...

becky johnson = craft powerhaus
and stylist to the stars.
i guess i should take some tote pictures...maybe i can get my cats to model them? crafters love cats i hear!

sweetie pie press said...

or i could come over and take pictures of you modeling tots. how do you feel about standing topless in the snow?

Anonymous said...

Love the shirts and totally want one!

Hopefully, you will still have stock (or a second - or third! - print run) when I move to Toronto in April and am (slightly) less broke.