Friday, January 30, 2009

issues of security in america's new dawn.

envelopes are still trickling in from collection phase one. it's nice. the pace is easier to keep up with and the security envelope project has gone back to being a loving process to me (i react poorly to being beholden).

above is the new pattern i found in a contribution from frank in indiana. i have seen this pattern before but never in red. i love it!

in a recent letter, my friend melissa brought up the idea that i should bring this project to the states, what with the connotations of security there these days. of course, i had considered these themes before but they were not central in my artistic motivations for this project. regardless of that, she's right; security seems to be on everyone's minds these days in one way or another (american or not). i like the notion that these scraps of paper could keep us all safe. i think it's working for me. there is a security in being focused on a project or goal. well, it's one of the best kinds of security i have come upon in my creative life, at any rate.


His Decemberist said...

I've been saving up security envelopes for you. Am patiently waiting for you to make a second call for samples. Have you received any from Puerto Rico?

sweetie pie press said...

nope. none from puerto rico.

and thank you very much for your patience. you can email me, if you like and i can add you to my list of people to get in touch with when the scans are done.

so many obligations, even more ideas. where is the time for all of this?

Anonymous said...

Oh, but it's so much better to have ideas than blocks!

Yes, this would be perfect for the US!