Thursday, December 18, 2008

security concerns.

well, after some city of crafting and recovering, i am finally diving back into my flood of envelopes. actually, today's update is a cheat since i collected so many envelopes at this past saturday's festivities. they all came home with me in a big mishmash so i felt i needed to sort them right away before the apartment consumed them.

the one on the top up there is from anahi and comes from one of the basque political parties in spain. the ones on the bottom and left are from kim and the one on the right is a new variation on the 'british bricks' that serena brought me. of these, i think i got most excited by the bottom one. it reminds me of some kind of 1970's lost-wax sculpture.

i also got a big collection of envelopes from my mother, anne. she had been travelling in europe and picking up garbage for me (don't worry, picking up garbage is one of her favorite things to do). all three envelopes above are from france and all present subtle variations on themes i have seen before. but they are also all new. i found it particularly interesting and odd that the one on the far right had lines - as if address lines - inside it.

my mother deserves extra props for running my table most of the day on saturday and this only hours after getting off a plane from vancouver. props also go to emma for giving me an hour off at the end of the day to peruse the vendor's tables at a more leisurely pace. i still don't think i saw everything.

i do feel like mentioning, though, that when i set up my master collection at home again after having it installed at city of craft i was three buttons short. as if you thought i wouldn't notice. this is a good way to drive someone like me totally mad. and although i prefer to presume the best in people, if you decided to help yourself to three buttons out of my installation at the show, you know who you are. i wish a hex upon your heart and a pox upon your house. how's that for bad hoodoo? you may not feel guilt now, but you will soon and steadily be devoured by unstoppable evil forces. sorry about that. but you have none to blame but yourself and you own wicked ways.


Ghostface Knittah said...

Poop! One of my hand-carved silver Wu-Tang pins was teefed at a show last Christmas. Who does retarded things like that? Oh well, take it as a compliment, I guess...

mynta said...

Someone stole a silver guitar pick from my table in the first half hour of the show. I was definitely more vigilant after that. I wouldn't have expected it...
(Solange aka mynta)

sweetie pie press said...

oh man!

i hope i'm not creating buzz about the thieves we draw at city of craft. i think everyone's just been really trusting until now. leah and jen and i all spoke about the issues that arose this year and decided to have security staff (even if just family members of ours) next time. as we grow, i guess this stuff happens.

but seriously, why are people so awful?

...okay, why are a few people so awful?

mynta said...

Yeah, it's just a few bad apples I'm sure. The whole event felt so friendly and relaxed that it was quite a surprise that we even had a bad apple. When you have 5-6 people handling pieces it's easy to lose track.

The lesson is, keep a sharp eye out anyway. No paranoia, just a bit of caution. Or glass cases! :P

sweetie pie press said...

yeah, i have become too lax in my advancing age. i know things walk from my table at almost every show i do. with the installation, though, i had a crazy inventory.

it took me two hours last night to pick through over a thousand buttons to figure out what was missing from the collection. hence my general peevishness.

but really, i left the thing unattended in a broom closet. i suppose i should stop trusting humanity to that extent.

Ghostface Knittah said...

Nothing like Christmas to make one lose faith in humanity!

toronto craft alert said...

on a completely different note:
OMG, i just went to CBC radio 3 and found a familiar image on their site

didja know?

sweetie pie press said...

oh, yeah...they told me! it's going in today's blog post (due out whenever).

it's so confusing that the date is listed as april 19th.

here's the permalink.