Friday, December 19, 2008


for those outside of toronto, i should explain that snowmageddon is the name our local news media has given to the large yet normal snow storm that hit toronto today. for those outside of canada, i should also explain that toronto is constantly (and rightfully) ridiculed by the rest of the country for such hyperbolic treatments of winter weather.

these are the days when self-employment tastes extra sweet. we just looked out the window, watching the expressway and feeling very superior. sure, all those commuters have retirement funds, but we get to stay in all day. i did go out for all of twelve minutes to do my daily mail drop and counted three cars stuck in drifts. the mail box is two blocks away. this town is falling apart!

i used the snow day to waddle around making buttons and trying desperately to catch up on my bazillion projects. i made a bit of headway on sorting through security envelopes (i quietly broke 200 patterns last night). i really need to dedicate a lot of this weekend to getting through the envelopes backlog. to all of you who have contributed: i am very appreciative of your gifts but also very swamped. the guilt is all-consuming.

speaking of waddling, i will leave you today with a sneak peek at the brand newest commissioned artist button set, duck duck goose by alec thibodeau. i will have a chance to write a bit more about alec and his button set when i release them next week, but feel free to start squawking over his brilliance before then...


Mary Rajotte said...

You put it so succinctly - I could say the same thing, though I am looking out on the DVP. Yay for self-employment!

I love these pins, btw. And the fact that the goose is sticking his tongue out! :D

sweetie pie press said...

oh, and just when i thought my city couldn't embarrass me more, this national post snowmageddon live blog came to my attention.

it reports such insights as:

UPDATE 8:30 a.m.
The snowflakes are starting to accumulate.


Unknown said...

In fairness to Toronto, it was actually Environment Canada that called it snowmageddon. The news outlets just picked it up.

sweetie pie press said...

ooooh...a national conspiracy to make toronto look foolish. it runs so deep.

leah b said...

oh my god. i am so jealous. i never thought i'd miss snow so much - not like Toronto regularly gets dumped on, but that it gets dumped on when i'm not there. i haven't seen sunshine since nov. 6 or 7 and it's dark by 3:30pm.

*i also remember when snowmaggedon really hit the - if the army's not there digging you chumps out, then it's all just way overblown.

sweetie pie press said...

buckareff: the snow misses you, too.

but also i should point out that 'snowmageddon' actually encompasses a whole string of storms, only one of which has hit us so far. the next one rolls in tomorrow morning. so there's still time to call in the army. or at least the boy scouts.

Anonymous said...

Haha, they were calling it the snowpocalypse in Seattle this last week.

sweetie pie press said...

ha ha!

but it really is a snowpocalypse there.

stay safe and warm!