Wednesday, December 17, 2008

trim job.

today i had some friends over to trim our holiday tree.

actually, it is more like a charming blob. we went up roncesvalles last week on a tree hunt but felt totally priced out - urban tree lots know they have you cornered. so by the time we got to the last tree seller, i just walked into the lot and said "what do you have that is shabby, small and affordable?"

"oh, you want charlie brown."


"charlie brown, twenty dollars."

so we got our tree at the maximum my budget could allow. but we got a tree! it's pretty cute and gnarly. and last night we trimmed it up with some friends and covered it with our ornament collection (including the brand new shrimp lace ornament from tara bursey, pictured above). because it is the first question anyone asks, i am happy to report that my cat has yet to take any interest in eating the shrimp lace.


Anonymous said...

Pricey or not, I'm still jealous of your urban tree lots on Wenceslas.

sweetie pie press said...

it's pronounced rosencrantz.