Wednesday, November 26, 2008

zine dream.

with expozine right around the corner, i have been pulling my zine catalogue out of storage and dusting it off. i usually tour with zines, but this past tour was so long and potentially rainy, that i left most printed matter at home.

now that i am home, too, we are all happily reunited and i have managed to relist all my available publications in the etsy shop.

for those who don't know, it was zines that started the sweetie pie press (hence the otherwise confounding use for the word 'press' in my company name).

that up there is a cette dame #1. it is the first in what is (thus far) a trilogy of very very short fiction. i find the writing funny, myself. or that is how it was intended, anyway. but such things are always so hard to pitch to potential readers. well, i can tell you a few things these little books have going for them - you won't have to invest nearly as much money or time as many other pieces of writing. and you could sleep happy in the knowledge that you have contributed towards my gas money to montreal and back.

i don't usually shill this hard.


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