Thursday, November 27, 2008

a few updates before montreal.

up there are a couple of envelopes that came my way via licia in florida. the collection she sent in came from the home of an elderly couple that she was cleaning out and brings me that second orange pattern up there and the lighter one (which is from brazil). i have had to tear myself away from this project for a few days to make things for expozine and work on city of craft. but i will leave you, internet with one more new pattern. this one came from susanne in my very own city as is a design i have never seen before.

it makes very nice buttons. which reminds me, i found the first pattern that i hate. i'm not going to tell you what it is. you will have to guess if you ever the larger incarnations of this project. i feel really bad about hating it but just can't help it. it doesn't agree with me. i didn't think this would happen.

oh, and i am now at a whopping 186 patterns and counting.


neonfoxtongue said...

I'm mailing mine today!

-Michelle R.

Viki said...

I mailed my pinks to you on Weds. and received another Thank You security envelope on Weds. too.


sweetie pie press said...

oh, man!

after all i have received already, it is crazy for me to think that i could have two times that traveling towards me right now.