Friday, November 28, 2008


def: the happiness that comes from perfect things.

it has finally arrived, a heavy package in the mail from hoboken, new jersey. even though i was waiting by the buzzer for a delivery i really needed (and i mean really really...all my button set packaging for this weekend in montreal), i was infinitely more joyful to have the postie hand this over.

enter into my life my very first storyboard.

storyboards are the brainchild of one miss tara of the button collective. they are magnet-infused acrylic/masonite boards with perfectly cut-out grids of circles in which to house your 1" buttons. conceived for those who see pinback buttons as design elements before fashion accessories, these clean displays have been on my mind since i first found them on etsy a year or two back. okay, tara found me. she is an avid button collector who was my customer before i graduated to being hers. she's also a button collector who confesses to never actually wearing her pins. hence these brilliant displays.

i should mention that my new board is actually faced with white acrylic. the brown paper facing pictured is the acrylic's protective sticker. it just looked so lovely with its top corner suggestively pulled down that i felt i needed to photograph its coy entrance into my life first. then i had to shove a bunch of security envelope buttons all over it. this security pattern project is, of course, the big undertaking that finally allowed me to justify the purchase. i thought the board would be helpful in sorting and archiving patterns and that the project itself demanded such a regal display (if only for my own studio). this was also back when identifying 100 patterns seemed an impossible dream. given where this project is headed (i am confident that i will break 200 if not far more), it looks like tara is going to have a repeat customer on her hands. if i didn't need concrete excuses (and rent money) i would probably order another one tomorrow. the actual construction of the board is far beyond my expectations - impeccable, even. it's meticulously made and sturdy and arrived incredibly well packaged for shipping. in case there were any doubts about tara's attention to detail, her instructions for use are equally well thought out. no t uncrossed.

this new arrival brings me to another little announcement in the life of the envelope project. although it is not yet the big project i have been working towards, i can now use my new acquisition for the security envelope project's first public outing. that's right; if you live in the toronto area you can come out and see a collection of 100 unique security patterns in button form at city of craft in two weeks. i will once again be taking over the theatre centre's coveted broom closet for a secret hidden installation. come find it! if i get extra crafty, i may even make an envelope curtain to fill the closet. we'll see.


Lisa PN said...

this is so awesome!

I have a pile of security envelopes for you, but you might already have enough, but, i will check all of vintage ephemera and will see if i have any cool old ones.

should i get it to you sooner than city of craft?
and just so you know, you are such an inspiration!
so cool!

Unknown said...



sweetie pie press said...

lisa - city of craft will be a fine time. i will surely be working on this project well into the new year.

serena - you can play with the board and all the patterns when you come for dinner. i feel like i will be transfixed for some time.