Saturday, November 29, 2008


oh, montreal.

we arrived last night and were taken into the loving and hospitable arms of aitor's brother. it was nice. really nice.

we then spent all of today so swamped with happy zinesters at montreal's big huge zine and indie culture event, expozine, that i barely got a chance to breathe. i am going to make a concerted effort to actually look around tomorrow. but regardless of my lack of exciting news about all the incredible exhibitors there, it's safe to say that the expozine organizers know how to do things right.

i also felt happy to be back in canada in so many ways today. there were things i forgot. women hold doors for men and don't even think about it. people say sorry (i hear it now) when you run into them. and there's more.

sleep now, for there is much exploring to do tomorrow.

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vantiani said...

As a zine distributor and zine editor from Indonesia, this kind of event is like a dream until now.