Wednesday, December 3, 2008

brief round-ups from the colour sprectrum.

in spite of all the other activity am i focusing on (city of craft, getting things out to stores and holiday shoppers), i had to go through a bunch of envelopes today just so i could feel that i wasn't sinking in a sea of old paper.

up there are some contributions from erin in california. she sent me some new colours (the teal) and one of my favorites with a slightly different print quality. eventually, i will have to decide what counts as a different pattern but for now i am just excited to see old favorites return changed. below is a big collection from katy. on top of sending me a bunch of foreign envelopes (some of which looked like they could have been old), katy is also a calligrapher and so sent the loot in a beautifully decorated envelope. i would like to share the whole label but i am just old enough a person now to have concerns about my privacy.

after sorting through what must be a good 200 patterns by now, i was starting to think that i wouldn't be surprised by anything anymore. i mean, i still find new patterns and new colours, but not as much wild variation. then i get this bombshell in a package from jessica in nebraska, an envelope from the omaha public power district, no less (what's up with power companies having the craziest envelopes?):

this whole design is a truly new and unexpected discovery. i even went on their website to see if the artwork might be related to some current campaign or other strange branding, but found nothing relating to this pattern. so i guess it's just inside that envelope to do its job and obfuscate electric bills from prying eyes. jessica's package also included these new patterns but after the shock the power company gave me, their brilliance was needlessly dulled. call me an adrenaline junkie.


Anonymous said...

wow! That is TRULY amazing. xox Someone's Mama

sweetie pie press said...

my mama?

i better rope in my lewd blog content if you are reading this. or increase it.

if you are my mama, i am glad you are reading my blog because you will have to know everything i know in order to tend to my table at city of craft.

Anonymous said...

I'm touched that you enjoyed the envelopes I sent! I studiously saved the very best ones for you. :0)

sweetie pie press said...

oh, jessica. you did such a good job. my mind is still being blown apart by that power company envelope.