Tuesday, November 25, 2008

crosshatches, stripes and points between.

that up there is the pattern used in the security envelopes that come from hydro quebec. i had never seen it before and was very excited when i got a whole stash from sarah in ottawa. although, i was informed that my brother-in-commonlaw must have an unopened stack of them somewhere in his montreal apartment. but that's another story, entirely.

these ones come from kara in california. i have found that at this point, going through north american submissions has been all about picking out subtle differences. i think all those patterns are new to me and yet they are similar to many i already have. it's picky work to look through them all for differences but i am excited about how these similar patterns might eventually look together en masse.

in other security roundup news, i have been meaning to share the work of henrietta swift, which i found through notcot. although her security project is only prototypical, she still demonstrates a particularly british respect for such subtle design work...and for envelopes.

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