Monday, November 24, 2008

on the road again...even if it's only queen west.

look at the two new display racks that have been loaned to me indefinitely by the inimitable jola at the good catch general store. i have been loading them up and imagining them in multiple uses for some upcoming fairs.

speaking of which, i really should be doing some holiday shopping roundups right about now. there are a few places you can find me over the next month.

1. expozine
aitor and i go this weekend to montreal's biggest, hugest and craziest exposition of zines and indie culture. i will be there with my entire zine catalogues as well the trampoline hall zine and an ample collection of buttons.

2. craftland
though i will not actually be able to attend, the month-long handmade department store, craftland, opens its doors to the masses of providence, rhode island a week from friday. the sweetie pie press is well represented there with our full catalogue of artist sets up for purchase.

3. sassy little craft show
for two days at the victory cafe's upsatirs bar, crafters intermingle with cocktails for your shopping/drinking delight. i've done these shows before and always have a great time. plus, it's the only show i am doing in the annex (this is all toronto, by the way).

4. city of craft
i will soon start into my shameless campaign of city of craft promotion. in the name of full disclosure, this is the annual fair i co-coordinate. on top of my own presence there, aitor will be there, too, as well as an amazing roster of other fine vendors. like, really stupendous. i will leave you with an image from tara bursey who always bests me with her conceptual buttons. if i weren't so allergic to garlic and onions, i'd be wishing i thought of this first...

Onion Skin Pins


elisabetha said...

welcome home! i'll be sure to stop and say hi at city of craft :)

Viki said...

oh I Adore garlic.
So we stink around my house.

sweetie pie press said...

ha ha!

you should consider sporting your pride with one of tara's pins. her project is related to onion/garlic breath pride.