Sunday, November 23, 2008

security down under.

today's collection of contributions are all from oceania.

first off, manu sent in the beautiful palette pictured above from australia. i have to admit, that the purple and brown diamond weaves in this collection were ones i had seen in this collection and was hoping to receive. this grouping seems to harmonize so perfectly together.

next is a kiwi collection from miss millie (who also included some unrequired but very appreciated gifts). i especially like the wavy ones on the far right which are also new to my collection. millie also pointed out the ubiquity of the small blobby dots pattern in new zealand. in fact, it seems pervasive throughout australia, too. how can it be that i have come to amass such specific knowledge in my brain?

finally, a meticulous collection from autralian paper hound, kate. this collection held a lot of little surprises like that diamond spiral pattern (which i had seen before but had not yet come into my life) and the squiggly plaid. i had recently found a similar pattern in my home (yes, my place is so choatic that things like this are still unearthed) and thought they were the same. as it turns out they are quite different.

although i am not able to make any definite proclamations yet, my one-of-each jar now hold 150 buttons - and that's before even counting any of these new designs from the other end of the commonwealth. when i set out on this project, i was hoping to identify 100 patterns. now it seems that 200 would not be at all out the question. of course, there is still much squinty scrutinizing to do. there are myriad slight variations in the crosshatch/loose weave patterns alone. and don't even get me started on the stripes. i am expecting a little something in mail that should help with this process, though...

i will just leave it at that for the moment.


Kate said...

Wow! Who knew there would be that many! I am so glad to have contributed (and flattered to be called a paper hound, no less!) and can't wait to see where this project goes. As you say, endless possibilities and fun to be had.

sweetie pie press said...

oh, i am glad you seem to find this as fascinating as i do. it was suggested to me today that my blog was becoming a little less interesting as i dig into this deep envelope hole. i was starting to worry that i was becoming like lenny bruce in his 'reading courtroom transcripts on stage' period.

Anonymous said...

I just love seeing all the different patterns on the enveloppes! keep posting them !

Are you associating the patterns to the different companies that send them or by country or whatever? this is interesting and I can't wait to see what your "big" project is...