Friday, November 14, 2008

pittsburgh morning, detroit night

although we woke up in pittsburgh (where we have been enjoying the wonderful company of our hosts, al and pat) we had to get hustling early. we got a bit of grub at quiet storm, where we always seem to eat when we pass through, and then got going. we did mange to see this mossyrock sticker in the bathroom before leaving, though:

(they are our friends from brooklyn). it's nice to know that the big world is keeping things cyclical and closed-circuit enough for us to feel almost at home anywhere we land.

today was mostly boring, mostly driving. we got into our friend mike's place relatively early and made ourselves swiftly at home. i had a few things to assemble still for tomorrow's detroit urban craft fair and mike had some good dv's to dive into. here is a photo essay aitor compiled of my activities while watching a dirty shame:

i am a pioneer.

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