Thursday, November 13, 2008

security update.

image courtesy kristi dominelli

i would first like to say that the response to my security envelope button project and related call to arms for envelope rescuers has been overwhelming. i owe a big thanks to all the bloggers who have been so central in getting the word out - the toronto craft alert, something's hiding in here,, make something, and many more. i hope i managed to find all the links. i am little if not a record keeper.

through the beginnings of this project, i have also been directed towards previous postal obsessions of other artists. tara sent me links to kristiina lahde's meticulous security envelope cuts and spheres; dory told me about the postal hijinks of harriet russell (look under books/envelopes). and i even discovered this flickr pool that catalogues the patterns worldwide. it seems a bit inactive, but i am considering scanning my collection and submitting to it for the greater good (as if i need to add any more steps to my already weirdly codified processes). mostly, though, i just scanned through the pool hoping some of those patterns were in the mail and on their way to my grubby mitts.

speaking of offer-taker, the number of respondents is now topping eighty, from places as far-flung as singapore, the united kingdom, germany, south africa, new zealand, australia, lithuania and indonesia, to name a few. i think i may have to cap reward send-outs at 100 sets so that me, aitor and the cat don't have to spend the winter in a cardboard box, but i'm pretty hooked on the publicness this project has taken on. i have gotten emails about people's penchants for mundane design, compulsive hoardings, mysterious collections and more than a couple had said they had never before looked inside the envelopes their bills came in. i have even gotten a couple of replies from people who work in accounts receivable or mail rooms promising huge stashes of foreign design. i feel like a glutton.

i am sure i will be parceling out updates as contributions arrive, in which i will get to talk a bit more about the people contributing and what they do. but for now, i just look forward to monday's return home (after almost six months) and the packages of other people's beautiful trash that sit there awaiting my love and affections.


Hyena In Petticoats said...

I'm so pleased to hear that you've had such a great response! I feel very chuffed to be part of the effort to expand your envelope empire....

I have a wee stash here on my desk, which is growing slowly but surely - hopefully soon I'll have enough to fill a parcel!

Good luck, and keep us posted (ha!)

Leah xxx

pomly said...

My recycling bin thanks you for rummaging through her.

sweetie pie press said...

and i thank your recycling bin for yielding such bounty.

Krystal said...


I only have two envelopes...but I'll keep collecting them! Maybe I can give them to you at city of craft?

What a great way to recycle!

sweetie pie press said...

oh yes, in person swaps work, too. then we are being even more environmental and not making exhaust-spewing planes carry our stuff around.

also, krystal, i have been drooling over the images of your ceramics for city of craft. i am really excited to fondle them in person. it'll be creepy.