Saturday, November 15, 2008

detroit urban craft fair, the third.

today was so hectic and full of madness (and snow) that i didn't get a lot of pictures from the fair. that said, i did manage to snap those magical gems above of my across-the-way neighbour, owly shadow puppets, when the lighting rig was lowered during load-in. it was like they planned that fixture to illuminate her shadow theatre perfectly.

the fair was as wonderful as always and left me totally weak and exhausted.

congratulations, detroit folks. you always do such a fantastic job with your events.

oh yes, this year's fair also featured a big hairy monster full of goodies that could be extracted for a dollar. here it is moving in:


Oblique Poet said...

Very cool! Is that the Masonic Temple I see in the background? I was there years and years ago to see Keith Jarrett.

toronto craft alert said...

wow, what a cool looking venue & craft fair monster.

detroit is taking us to school.

sweetie pie press said...

the venue was called the fillmore, but i think the name had recently changed. it was beautiful beyond compare. even the exit signs were stained glass! i wish i took more pictures.

and yes, jen, they are totally schooling us. if only spaces like that weren't bajillions of dollars to rent in toronto. let's have next year's show at the hummingbird centre. or maybe roy thompson hall.