Sunday, November 16, 2008

first snow, and what to do with it.

well, we have been away from home for almost six months and (other than a very light dusting last night) this is the first snow we have seen. it's hard to look back on our baking august in the arizona desert and imagine that we are now here in detroit with this sort of view out the window. it's not bad yet. i just hope the weather doesn't conspire against us in light of our return home tomorrow.

things here are not so bad, though. stephanie came over and we have been packing/crafting/chatting for most of the blustery day. we also got to talking (as does happen) about security envelopes. stephanie brought me over a collection she had been saving for my current project and shared with me the competitive desire to find something new for me. stephanie is not alone in this feeling. i have also been receiving emails to this affect and lish backed her up, too. i am coming to realize that i will have to really document my contributions and let people know the rarities they have found. i can't wait to see the heap of envelopes that await me at home!

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