Tuesday, November 18, 2008

home! toronto. but how can this be?

it is true.

we are home.

but what is home after being away for almost six months? it's a big empty place for one thing. and little ribbon (my cat) was waiting to at the door to love me and hate aitor. ahhh...comfort.

we got in late last night after getting the a-ok from randy and all the other lovely people at b&b collision in royal oak michigan. i highly recommend their services. randy really went above and beyond to work out some residual issues from our drunk driver attack in chicago (which remains unresolved, by the way).

the driving was dicey (and even treacherous through london) but the skies cleared and we made it back to toronto and arrived at the comedy bar just as catch23 was letting out. it was like a parade of favorite people - graham , ken, textbook, anne, dusty, mark, alana, kayla, brendan, peter, pat, other pat, was just what i needed and wanted. and gary has done an amazing job with the space. there's a big sign made of lights and a fake fireplace with a remote control!

i can't believe we are home.

oh yes, and aitor welcomed a new boar's head into his life, a belated birthday gift from his cowgirl friend heidi who always does things like that better than i.


Unknown said...

you're home! congratulations!

sweetie pie press said...

thank you!

and now you are here, too.

life operates in weird circles.

come over for dinner!

Unknown said...

You better hide that boar's head when I visit since I am letting you know in advance, that I will steal it.