Wednesday, November 19, 2008

security envelopes glut and reporting.

okay, it has become clear to me that this blog is going to have to spend a while documenting the contributions of envelopes that are currently pouring into my apartment from all over the world. when i got home on monday night, i was greeted by a veritable heap of care packages. i am now slowly going through the process of looking through the treasures and documenting them properly. the envelopes pictured above were sent in by jane ashby, a british illustrator/animator who confessed to amassing envelopes for years in the hopes that she would use them in her own work. she had yet to get around to using them and sent me a big stash, including (but not limited to) the new-to-me patterns pictured above. i am very happy to announce the first orange in my collection (but not the last; i have been doing some peeking through other contributions). i am also really excited by the basket weave and zig zags, which i had also never seen before. i'm going to be buttoning like mad in the coming weeks. thank you very much, jane, for parting with your collection.

oh man, does this mean i am going to be writing ninety posts about ninety contributors? i just feel so thankful and beholden to you all. i just hope to do your gifts justice.


Viki said...

I've been collecting security envelopes that I find interesting too. Drives my DH nuts. I found one the other day that says Thank You all over the inside. If you still want envelopes let me know. I'll start searching out cool ones for you.

sweetie pie press said...

what's a dh?

i actually have a thank you one - or parts of one. i've been saving all the ones with text and numbers for a later series (another piece of minutia i have been meaning to discuss on the blog).

send me an email if you want to contribute. i have decided to cap submissions at 100 respondents. and am not quite there yet (but very very close).

vantiani said...

Wow! Those orange pattern is so so cool!