Tuesday, October 14, 2008

unflattering moments caught on tape.

so, word has come to us through the information super highway that the segment aitor interviewed for on cbs sunday morning aired two days ago. we were not alerted by production staff which is why you all were not notified - and why we did not see the segment. instead, we spent sunday morning at a drive-in flea market in latrobe, pennsylvania, in ignorant bliss of aitor's fifteen minutes (or fifteen seconds as the case may be). we were also living in a tree room that traded charm for internet access. so thank you very much to our lovely pals at something's hiding in here for blogging about aitor's flash of infamy. and to everyone else who alerted us to the airing - melissa, stephanie, lish, mayte. nobody actually taped the thing, did you? we are still trying to hunt down a copy from the folks at cbs.

pictured above is the portrait aitor ended up doing of the correspondent, mo rocca. and pictured below are some images greedily stolen from the fine folks at something's hiding in here (in order - aitor's unflattering rendition of the cbs sunday morning logo, his portrait of mo rocca and his own cute face). double thanks, guys! we will invade your home for real sometime soon.

ps - if you are looking for the good reverend himself or his collective, the misanthrope specialty co., they have a website and a shiny new etsy shop.

pps - for those who have asked, we have not located any clips online. but thank you for asking. and let us know if you all find anything.


Stephanie said...

I don't know if I've seen better photos of a TV ever. Both because of the things on it and because damn is it ever hard to take a photo of a TV. Seriously, how the f did those photos turn out so well??

Sadly, we didn't tape it. But Mike and I were both super excited and proud! Way to go Aitor!

Anonymous said...

it is true, those are great pics of tv screen. i got a message that the portrait of me was on the tv so i know that i am famous now, but i would like to see the clip someday.


Anonymous said...

I saw it! I saw it!

Mayte (proud mother of the baby :-)

Unknown said...

My assistant principal saw it but I didn't see it. It was crazy coming into work and hearing, "I saw you on tv"

sweetie pie press said...

grrrr? is that angrifying?

and stevie, we want to see it, too. if aitor manages to hunt down a copy, we will arrange a screening. but you are going to have to come to toronto.

Jerry Lee said...

I watch this show almost every sunday morning and i have to say that i'm kind of glad that i didn't see it because i would have thought that the beer i drank saturday night was laced with lsd. that's pretty awesome regardless!