Thursday, October 16, 2008

homeless housekeeping.

photo by dusty parr

well, i've had some major catching up to do. i'd also like to send some blanket apologies out to anyone i have disappeared on in the past week and a bit. i've had some personal stuff on the go that has really diverted a lot of my energies. hopefully all will be well and mellow out as we really get into the crazy-manic holiday season.

but back to the updates; pictured above are my mainstay mores buttons, which have been selected by brand new online shop madison belle to be featured in their accessory section. it's a pretty time burgling online shop and i would like to wish its proprietress, brooke, the deepest of congratulations for her big grand opening.

as our little handmade world grows and grows up, i am finding it very nice to watch these various niches being carved out of the online ether (check out other online pals, goodegg, souvenir shop, and shana logic to see the scope of where craftiness can take a person). there is also talk among the bulrushes that renegade handmade is fixin' to launch an online version of their store. i, for one, am pretty stoked about that as they have one of the best collections of art prints i have ever encountered in one my taste, anyway.

after just a few days shy of a year, i also managed to get a listing up in my etsy shop for the trampoline hall comic zine. this 66 page tome was drawn in an evening by a whole heap of top notch comix artists in an attempt to document an evening at toronto-based lecture series trampoline hall through comics. i then printed and assembled everything in one week for last year's hotel canzine. i will not be able to attend canzine this year (although i am possibly interviewed in their upcoming issue), so this online zine offering will have to suffice. and really, i only put it together and did some stamping and doodles. i'm much more in awe of the artists who contributed. see...

(in order, art by rev. aitor; kathryn & stuart immonen; and shannon gerard)

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