Saturday, October 18, 2008

tending shop from a pennsylvania motel room.

with our little factory in full swing - packaging orders, answering belated emails, putting stock together for craftland, making some new stuff for sister missy - i have managed to release some new stuff to you, the internet.

those toofs buttons up there are now lighting up my etsy shop. one's white, one's gold and one's wooden! i feel a little chuffed with the gold one because it sparkles. that's pretty cutting edge in my tiny world view.

now that i am on a shop keeping tear, i should probably also mention the blue house and my shop therein. come to think of it, there are a few reasons i should be directing interested parties there instead of the etsy shop for purchasing my goods.
1) it's toronto-based and dripping with local indie culture.
2) item listings maintain their urls, so the links don't die when something sells.
3) i don't pay fees there and thus more pennies come into my grubby paws.

for the record, the trampoline hall comic zine can be found there, the toofs buttons and plenty more. and those links will stay good until i run out of stock entirely. i will be working to get my corner of the blue house tidied up over this week. as i do, i suggest you poke around the rest of the site. it's full of neat-o stuff, a lot of which is made by people i know and condone. the webmaster/designer, shaw-han, has also brilliantly integrated mp3 uploads into the music listings. fairly singular, i say.

okay, enough bragging and chatting about myself and how you can give me money. off to make more buttons and watch television shows about forensic pathologists.

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