Monday, October 13, 2008

sticky fingers.

artwork by emma segal

it is far past time to suggest that those of you in the toronto area attend sticky fingers, an amazing art auction and musical extravaganza (with comedy) taking place this thursday at the boat in kensington market. there are so many reasons to go that you should just attend without questioning my urgings.

okay, fine. the event will be raising money for city of craft 2008. you can also get amazing deals on art of all price ranges (some of which is previewed online here and in real life at project 165 in the market). and if you hate art, you can also go see all these bands and comedians who are soon going to be so famous they won't even perform at all anymore and you can be all "i totally saw them, like, before everyone was into them."

these are the acts i am friends with and am thus obliged to promote:
levi macdougall
sara hennessey
gravity wave
pdf format

i have seen all these folks do their respective things and can vouch for talent on all fronts. go to the show!

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