Sunday, October 12, 2008

drive-in spook night.

tonight, aitor and i went to the hi-way drive-in in nearby latrobe after seeing their big readograph that promised a spooktacular hallowe'en experience. it is saturday night, after all. and hallowe'en is our favorite time to be spooked. we were treated to a great night out (after we figured out how to make the radio signal work). it was perfect - canoodling in the car, watching dumb movies, teenage hormones all around. the first movie was a weird little sci-fi thriller called the mist. it was satisfyingly stupid until about the half way mark. then our friend tiffany showed up in the movie! movies always get better when you know someone in them. that's the secret behind home videos. and tiff, you play a zealot with remarkable zeal! thanks for showing up on a big huge screen in the middle of pennsylvania.

the next movie was rob zombie's hallowe'en. i think it was very bad. thankfully, we were charmingly distracted by the costumed teens who skulked around scaring the people in cars. there were not too too many cars, so they just kept circling around over and over. this really just added to the charm. this then degenerated into zombies and monsters just chillin' in clumps around the grounds. finally, one ghoul told aitor he had a cool mustache.

there is a weekly flea market here on sundays. i think we are setting up the tent and coming back.

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