Thursday, October 23, 2008

brooklyn flea, etc.

photographer unknown

get ready, new york. we are coming back to your area and will be bobbing around there over the next few weeks. on sunday, we will participate in our first brooklyn flea. i'll be there with buttons galore and aitor will be on hand with both prints and unflattering portraits done live (get there early for those, though; he starts to take a list if demand is high and tires easily). this weekly brooklyn event came highly recommended by fellow crafties, sarah and charlie. well, look for us there, guys, and all of our friends in the area - come on down and say hi!

we will also be kicking around until hallowe'en when we are going to see our friends/toronto downstairs neighbours, nadja, rock out before they go away for a year and we miss them like crazy.

speaking of nadja, aitor designed their latest album (or one of their latest, anyway. they are fairly prolific). here is the cover but i really should try to photograph the whole thing because it's all pretty swank (minus some odd choices the label made regarding layout - sorry whoever you are, i'm a stickler for these things).

it looks like we will be back through the big apple for the november 9th edition of brooklyn flea, too. and there is plenty more activity thrown in during those weeks, including jaunts to philadelphia and baltimore for more excitement. but more on that later. for now, we should be packing.


Anonymous said...

Ha! That's funny, didn't know you knew those guys, I did a little piece on Nadja and their label (or one of their labels, anyway) for the Metro Times about a year or so ago.

sweetie pie press said...

what mike are you? are you a mike i know? i do know lots of mikes.

leah and i are two thirds of the city of craft collective in toronto. she also runs the church of craft there (where i met her).

saturday will actually be our first time seeing her and aidan perform live even though we have known them for years.

Anonymous said...

We Mikes are many. I'm Detroit Mike, or at least one of the Detroit Mikes you know.

sweetie pie press said...

i only know one detroit mike!

we are coming to crash on your floor (or couch or something). which reminds me...i owe you and your lady an email.

speaking of your lady, she knows leah, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweeet! I was wonderin' 'bout that..