Friday, October 24, 2008

back to the biggest city.

it finally came time to shove off from our motel digs and reenter the land of living. today we drove from our temporary pennsylvania home to the raging wilds of brooklyn. it is stressful to me to even think about a trip to new york. this is mostly because i drive there and it can be a real nightmare to anybody no accustomed to the aggressive flow/anti-flow of traffic.

leaving this strange pastoral town behind us, we were treated to the even more bucolic sights of southern pennsylvania. we even stumbled upon 'roadside america,' a miniature museum that had come highly recommended to us by our friend devil in athen, georgia. sadly, it was just closing as we got there so we had to settle for a visit to the neighbouring pennsylvanis dutch gift shop.

i picked up a few books on topics like witchcraft, superstitions and hex signs, all of which look greatly appealing. i also scored a vintage amish apron. i wonder what i am ever going to do with all these old aprons i keep collecting. whenever i see an interesting design at an affordable price, i can't help myself. maybe if i work on my pattern drafting i can make some reproductions. there are some pretty kick-ass patterns out there.

we finally got to brooklyn and our friends, marc and dominica's place. they are currently touring europe and should be back before we leave. i was totally charmed to be greeted by their tour plottings on the back of their front door when we arrived (pictured above). maybe i should be using a similar sytem of thought bubbles to plan our tours. but ours would have to roll up...

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