Wednesday, October 22, 2008

spooky times in pennsylvania.

hallowe'en must be fast approaching. look that the spooky hand print that appeared in our pile of new linens at our motel. you can call it filth, but i call it a haunting. i noticed it last night, right before we went to do our laundry in town.

while our clothes were drying, the lady at the laundromat took us out back to listen to a weird screaming she has been hearing late every night. um...i have to say, it was pretty scary.

today when we went into town, aitor got a haircut. he said it ended with his entire head being vacuumed. i wasn't there to witness this, so i can't corroborate, but he looked pretty shaken.

as we were walking around the shops and antiqueries of the main drag, we also stumbled upon this:

terrifying stuff. just who is filling this town with so much grease, anyway? in truth, bedford is a very nice and pretty little town. i failed to get good pictures of their amazing gulf station, but i will see why i can do tomorrow. until then...

we even visited a small independent office supply store a couple of days ago and scored a big haul of old dymo tapes. they had a whole bunch of old office stuff that has clearly been sitting there since the 50's - 70's. my kind of dream.

but back to the bathroom (or as we like to call it, "the kitchen"). i will leave you with an image below of the tools we are toting in an attempt to avoid destroying the entire planet in our wake. i will say, trying to be ecologically minded is a profound challenge when living as leeches off gas station food.


Marnie said...

kitchen things that you have drying on your "shelf"that are also in my kitchen:

1) light green plastic bowl (do you have the lid, too?)

2) olive green segregated plates

3) is that an orangish/reddish pyrex container? if yes, then yes. if no, then 2 outta 3 ain't bad...

or, just odd...

sweetie pie press said...

1) i do have the lid. the tupperware marvel houses our experiments in 'road salad' - not as gross as i just made it sound.

2) i decided that my dream picnic basket is filled with barfy green dishes. this is the beginning of my collection.

3) the orange things are glass bowls. they are not the smartest items to have on the road but i fell in love with them at a thrift store and they cost like ten cents each. my friend missy has a bowl like them and i told her it was my favorite bowl ever when i was visiting her. so...these ones had to come travel with us.

our similarities are both shocking and expectable.